Let’s explore three more restaurants in the city of Vail, Colorado. We virtually stopped by three of them in the last article, and there are still quite a few. What type of cuisine are you in the mood for this time around? Whatever your flavor for the day is, surely these restaurants can help you out. If you are going to be in the area for awhile, or even just for a short stay, you want some options for sure.

Bully Ranch Restaurant is on Vail Road, and the sign out front is really rustic and inviting. Would you like to enjoy some delicious burgers, ribs, salads and more? This is a place to grab a great meal and feel like you walked into a restaurant that wants its guests to feel comfortable and at home. One of the suggestions from a reviewer is to order the Buffalo Ranch Burger and truffle tots. Does that sound like a delicious combo to you?

Moe’s Original Barbecue sounds inviting, too, doesn’t it? It is certainly a place to get some delicious barbecue, Colorado style. Located at West Lions Head Circle, this restaurant serves up a pulled pork sandwich that appears to be stacked so high your mouth couldn’t fit around it. Isn’t that the type of barbecue sandwich that you want to enjoy? It sure seems like it would be a place that will leave you feeling stuffed and wanting to rest and take it easy.

Or perhaps it is back out for more fun and a chance to eat at another restaurant later in the day. In that case, one more top pick would be Blue Moose Pizza Vail, and it is also located at Lions Head Place. This is your chance for a delicious pizza pie as you keep exploring the city of Vail, Colorado.