Vail, Colorado is an interesting place, wouldn’t you agree? Do you currently live there, or are you going to be traveling through. Perhaps you have been there before. Whether you have or not, this article is going to discuss a few restaurants in the city of Vail CO so that you will feel more at home when you are there. You want to be comfortable for sure, and that is one thing you are going to be working on as you enjoy the delicious food that the city of Vail has to offer.

Let’s stop by the first restaurant, Westside Cafe & Market. It is interesting to note by the way that according to a top travel site, the #1 restaurant in the city is temporarily closed. Westside Cafe & Market is currently ranked #2, and you can find it on North Frontage Road West. It is a great brunch spot, and according to menu highlights, the place serves up some delicious breakfast burritos.

Then there is Sweet Basil on East Gore Creek Drive, and it is currently the #3 ranked restaurant. Have you ever had the chance to try toffee pudding? It sounds like a winner to me, but you have to decide what you want to eat. That seems like a delicious dessert, and then the establishment also serves up a beet salad, lamb, T-Bone steaks and more. This restaurant can be a little pricey, but it is a nice dining experience.

It is on to the third featured restaurant in Vail CO. It is called Mountain Standard, and it can be found on East Gore Creek Drive as well. Some of the menu items include trout, steak, shrimp and grits and corned pork shank. Now, with all of that good food available from three of the top Vail CO restaurants, how can you lose out?